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That Is When The World Will End

Every Living Creature Dies Alone
29 September
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"Nothing from nowhere. I'm no one at all."

My name is Bryan. I live in New York. I'm a fan of Green Day, AFI, Ramones, Rancid, Anti-Flag, Minor Threat, Nirvana, Social Distortion, The Beatles, and a bunch of other bands. I write poetry and song lyrics. I'm starting to write short stories and novels. I am a singer, I don't have a band though. I like to play video games and watch movies. I'm straight edge (no drugs, no cigs, no alcohol, no premiscuous sex). I like to read a lot. I'm a fan of fantasy and murder novels. I mantain good grades in school, mostly A's. I am bisexual. That's all about me that you really need to know.

"Have you ever been alone at night, thought you heard footsteps behind, and you turned around and no one's there? And as you quicken up your pace, you find it hard to look again, because you're sure there's someone there." Iron Maiden

"I'm never alone. I'm alone all the time." Bush (the band)

"Some say the end is near. Some say we'll see Armageddon soon. Certainly hope we will." Tool

"In time you can find peace of mind. Through mind you can transform life and time." Aisle Nine

"I don't ask for much. Truth be told I'd settle for a life less frightening." Rise Against

"My weakness is that I care too much." Papa Roach

"You can't go forcing something if it's just not right." Green Day
1000 hours, 39/smooth, 80s teen movies, a fire inside, a9, adam carson, afi, aisle nine, al sobrante, anime, anti drug, anti violence, anti-flag, aqua teen hunger force, atheism, baseball, big boss, billie joe armstrong, c.j. ramone, chasing amy, chrono trigger, church of havok, clerks, cloud strife, creative writing, davey havok, dbz, dee dee ramone, dogma, donnie darko, dookie, douglas glenn colvin, dragon ball z, dragonball z, dragonball z : budokai, dragonlance, dragons, drug free, east bay hardcore, edgar allan poe, fall children, family guy, fantasy, ff7, ff8, final fantasy, final fantasy 7, final fantasy iv, final fantasy v, final fantasy vi, final fantasy vii, fire, futurama, gamecube, games, george lucas, good movies, green day, harrison ford, harry potter, hate, hating hippies, hating humanity, hating the yankees, high fidelity, hunter burgan, ian mackaye, ian mckellen, insomniac, jade puget, jeff hyman, joey ramone, john cusack, john kiffmeyer, johnny depp, johnny ramone, kerplunk!, kevin smith, lars frederiksen, lfb, liquid snake, lord of the rings, lotr, mallrats, marky ramone, matrix, metal gear solid, metal gear solid 2, metal gear solid 3, mike dirnt, mike piazza, minor threat, misfits, movies, n64, naked snake, new york mets, nimrod, nintendo, nintendo 64, nirvana, pedro martinez, peter jackson, pirates of the carribean, playstation, playstation 2, poetry, poison free, ps2, punk, ramones, rancid, reading, rinoa, rise against, rpg, sean connery, sephiroth, sex pistols, sing the sorrow, singing, slappy, social distortion, solid snake, song writing, star wars, star wars episode 3, steven speilberg, straight edge, sweet children, sxe, the art of drowning, the breakfast club, the church of havok, the clash, the crow, the last samurai, the matrix, the misfits, tommy ramone, tre cool, trigun, very proud of ya, video games, viggo mortensen, warning, when i come around, writing, zelda